When do positions open up?

There is no pre-determined schedule for position openings. Job openings are based on vacancies within the Sheriff’s Office.

Where and when do I apply?

You may view and apply for open positions here:  http://agency.governmentjobs.com/sonoma/default.cfm. If we are not currently recruiting for the job opportunities you are interested in, click “Notify Me” on the menu to begin receiving email notifications each time a position opens that matches one of the jobs you have chosen.

Do I have to apply online, or can I drop an application off at the Sheriff’s Office?

Online applications are preferred and are the most efficient way to apply. Hard-copy applications are accepted at the Sonoma County Human Resources office located at 575 Administration Drive #116 B, Santa Rosa, CA., 95403.

I just turned in the application. When will I hear something? Who will contact me?

Once an application is submitted on the County’s website and the filing period has closed, applicants will typically receive notice within two weeks advising them of the next step.  Some job classifications will be required to take a written examination, while others will have their application reviewed to make sure minimum qualifications are met.   Dates for the written examination will be scheduled by Sonoma County Human Resources.  Those who do not meet minimum qualifications will be notified.  Human Resources will then send an eligibility list to the Sheriff’s Office and a Sheriff’s Office representative will notify you by phone or email to schedule an oral interview. 

How long does the entire hiring process take?

Time frames differ depending on the needs of the Sheriff’s Office, the specific job classification, and the complexity of the applicant’s background. 

What kinds of criminal offenses will prevent me from being hired?

The Department will not consider applicants with felony convictions

I have bad credit. Will that prevent me from getting hired?

Credit related issues are not an automatic disqualification. Although applicants with outstanding collections accounts, a pattern of late payments or pending civil actions may have difficulty in the background investigation process. Explanations to the above-mentioned circumstances will be considered.

What are your drug standards?

You may view the Sheriff’s Office drug standards by clicking here.

If I have a medical marijuana card, can I still apply?

Refer to the Sheriff’s Office drug standard by clicking here.

How is the Sheriff’s Office hiring process unique from other jobs?

The Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to selecting the most qualified candidate for the position.  Our selection process includes an assessment of work history, financial responsibility, criminal behavior, and other factors that help portray a person’s character, ability to make decisions, and desire for self-improvement.  Some positions require a medical and psychological examination.  Detailed information about the requirements for individual positions can be found at:  http://agency.governmentjobs.com/sonoma/default.cfm